CreeHack is an application on Android very similar to Lucky Patcher, designed for hacking in-app purchases. It may be identified as malware by some antivirus software, due to it being illegal and not following the Android guidelines.


CreeHack is not as infamous as Lucky Patcher as it does not have as much functionality, such as removing ads or license verification which are possible in Lucky Patcher. However, CreeHack, does not require root for any funcionality, unlike Lucky Patcher which requires root for several tasks to be completed. It works similarly to another hacking app, Freedom. Its method of hacking only requires the user to press one button to enable the attempted hacking of in-app purchases across all apps, unlike Lucky Patcher which requires the user to patch each app seperately if they do not have root access. CreeHack uses a older method of hacking in-app purchases which barely works with most apps anywmore, making the main attraction of it only that it doesn't require root access. 

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