Conduit is a dangerous browser virus which steals personal and confidential information from the user and transfers it to a third party. This toolbar has been identified as a Potentially Unwanted Program by Malwarebytes and is typically bundled with other free downloads. These toolbars modify the browser's default search engine, homepage, new tab page, and several other browser settings.


A program called "Conduit Search Protect", better known as "Search Protect by Conduit" can cause severe system errors upon uninstallation. It claims to protect browser settings but actually blocks all attempts to manipulate a browser through the settings page; in other words, it makes sure the malicious settings remain unchanged. The uninstall program for Search Protect can cause Windows to be unbootable because the uninstall file not only removes its own files, but also all the boot files in the root of the C: drive and leaves a BackGroundContainer.dll file in the start-up registry. Conduit is associated with malware, spyware, and adware, as victims of this hijacker have reported unwanted pop-up and in-text advertisements.

Victims of unwanted redirections to have also reported that they have been attacked by phishing attempts and have received unwanted email spam, junk mail, other messages, and telephone calls from telemarketers. Some victims have told that the people behind the phone calls claimed to be Apple, Microsoft, or their ISP, that personal information was used in some phone calls, and that some of the calls concerned their browsing habits and recent browsing history. Personal information used in phishing attempts may be associated with spyware. This hijacker virus is currently added to the official PowerISO download, and the Vuze version update, for example.

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