Cheatbreaker is a client-side anticheat for the Java (PC) edition of the popular video game Minecraft, spyware and a PUP on Microsoft Windows. The client works by scanning the running processes on the user's computer to detect if they are cheating, which is supposedly why it is detected by many antiviruses as a virus, including Norton, McAfee, AVG, TrendMicro and Antiy-AVL. It also takes screenshots of the user's computer even when they are not running the program, supposedly to detect if the user is cheating. If Cheatbreaker detects any of the processes as a cheat, it will immediately close the process and ban the player from all Cheatbreaker-related servers like MineHQ. The website has went down for unknown reasons.

Some members of the Minecraft community claimed that CheatBreaker also watched users through their webcam.

The VirusTotal page showing the detection of CheatBreaker can be found here.

Due to proof that the main creator and developer is a pedophile as his arrest proves so, a conclusion has been made by the majority of the Minecraft community to blacklist the application.

Several YouTubers have made videos claiming it to be a virus, and defending it likewise.

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