The Bootton or Bootton.A is a trojan that activates on Series 60 SymbOS Nokia mobile phones. The creator of this trojan is ThNdRdRd.


The virus is named as "ILoveU.sis". When it is installed, it destroys most applications (except making and answering calls) by overwriting them to a heart icon with the text "I-Love-U", which causes the device to reboot when ran, very similar to Skulls. It also reboots the phone if the menu button is pressed.

It also installs a modified Cabir, but it does not work at all.

To restore the applications, the phone must be reset to factory defaults, causing the user to lose any non-backed up applications.


Bootton has 6 variants.

Bootton.B and Bootton.C

It also installs components of Doomboot.A, causing the device to crash during reboot. Sometimes the installation fails, but some components are already installed to the phone.


It undergoes the name as "Worms_Armageddon_by_DFT.sis", trying to be the game for SymbOS. It contains components from Skulls.A, Skulls.D, Bootton.A, Doomboot.A, and drops Doomboot.A and Cabir.G. It also corrupts the built-in File Manager and third party managers.

Bootton.E, Bootton.F, Bootton.G

It also installs corrupted files to prevent the device from turning back on after reboot.

Bootton.F activates reboot after installation.

Bootton.G does not overwrite files.


300th Video - BootTon SymbOS Trojan

300th Video - BootTon SymbOS Trojan