Bolbi is a trojan on Microsoft Windows written in Visual Basic Script. The trojan was named after the Jimmy Neutron character that has the same name. It was coded as a viewer-made release for one of danooct1's videos, and never entered the wild.

It was created by someone called "DINKLEBERG".


The behavior of the trojan is random. It can display a message saying "WE SLAP EVERYDAY!" with multiple "slaps," and "claps," in the message box. It also creates Bolbi.txt and the ghostroot folder. The contents of Bolbi.txt say "SLAP SLAP SLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP." The ghostroot folder contains a .JPG and .MP3 file that are named in gibberish. After a while, the trojan will restart Explorer.exe, and will change the clock from "AM," or "PM," to "Bolbi." When opening the ghostroot folder again, it displays a message saying "Your PC is going to become toast!" written in Comic Sans. It will also restrict multiple applications from being run, and will delete them. It also creates the file "ayylmao.vbs," which cannot be edited. It can also replace infected file icons with a cross-eyed Bolbi Stroganovsky. It can also rename certain items, including the computer name, to "Bolbi," and changes them to a file type that cannot be accessed, and blocks access to the "C:/," directory. When the computer is restarted, it prevents the computer from starting up again.


Viewer-Made Malware 6 - Bolbi (Win32)

Viewer-Made Malware 6 - Bolbi (Win32)