Antivirus 2009 (or Antivirus2009) is a famous rogue antivirus on Microsoft Windows that can execute malicious actions that could severely damage a user's computer unless the rogue is removed upon immediate detection. 


Antivirus 2009 will attempt to execute malicious actions that can damage the user's computer, Antivirus 2009 may modify some pages, claiming that user should get registered version of Antivirus 2009, Sometimes it would redirect from actual Google page to fake Google page which states that the user has a virus and should get Antivirus 2009, Sometimes it would disable anti-spyware and anti-virus scanners. 


When installed, it runs a fake scan, then it runs Fake Windows Security Center, claiming that Windows Security Center has detected Antivirus 2009 is unable.  It also tells the user they have malware that they don't have.

Somewhere in the scan, it displays a fake Blue Screen of Death,  which claims the user has spyware with a fake stop code SPYWARE.MONSTER FX_WILD


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