360 Total Security is a popular antivirus on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


General Features

360 Total Security provides a variety of features, such as:

  • Virus Scanning (scans for malware using many malware databases)
    • 360 Cloud Scan Engine (signature database)
    • System Repair Engine (scans for system anomalies and issues)
    • QVMII AI Engine (heuristic engine)
    • BitDefender and Avira scan engine integration
  • WiFi Scanning (scans to protect WiFi)
  • Cleanup (cleans up junk files)
  • Speedup (speeds up boot time, optimizes network, and optimizes scheduled apps)
  • Game Booster (speeds up games by cleaning RAM)
  • Sandbox (allows unknown programs to be run in an isolated space)
  • Registry Clenaer (cleans out registry)
  • Browser Protection and Browser Security (protects browser from unauthorized changes, malicious sites, and protects shopping transactions)
  • Patch Up (updates software to protect from vulnerabilities)
  • System Backup Cleaner (cleans out old backups)
  • Disk Compression Beta (compresses files to increase space on PC)
  • Program Skins (gives special skins to the program, some skins require Pro version)
  • 360 Connect (used for remote processes such as scanning or cleanup, requires mobile app)

Patch Up tool

It also has some other separate programs, such as:

  • 360 TurboVPN (encrypts connection with servers in 20 locations across 18 countries)
  • 360 Document Protector (protects documents from being hijacked by ransomware, real-time monitoring files and automatically backing up files)
  • Firewall (uses GlassWire Firewall)
  • Ransomware Decryptor (searches for ransomware-encrypted files and decrypts files.
  • Windows 10 Universal App Edition (requires initial product; Windows 10-integrated product version with Metro UI)

    Ransomware Decryptor tool

Security Features

Privacy Protection

  • Webcam Protection (protects webcam from suspicious activity)

    360 Document Protector

  • Ransomware Blocking (stops ransomware from blocking files)

Internet Protection

  • Downloaded File Scan (scans files as they are downloaded)
  • Online Shopping Protection (protects shopping transactions)
  • Malicious Website Blocking (protects browsers from infected, hacked or malicious websites)

System Protection

  • USB Drive Protection (scans USBs for malware, disables AutoRun function (if set to) to block malware from automatically running)
  • Network Threat Blocking (stops network attacks and hacks)
  • Malicious Behavior Blocking (blocks suspicious or malicious behaviors)
  • File System Protection (protects files from unauthorized changes)
  • Registry Protection (scans registry and protects from unauthorized changes)
  • Scan File When Saved (scans files when saved)
  • Scan File When Opened (scans files as they are run)
  • Use Bitdefender Scan Engine (uses BitDefender Scan Engine in real-time protection and scanning)
  • Use Avira Scan Engine (uses Avira Scan Engine in real-time protection and scanning)

360 Security

360 Security is another antivirus, created for tablet/smartphone devices. Similar to its PC counterpart, it has a variety of features included with it.

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