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ARCV-n is a term for a large family of viruses authored by the ARCV group through October - November 1992 and polymorphed with the PS-MPC virus generation tool (hence they are very similar). ARCV-n viruses seem to infect COM (perhaps and/or EXE files rapidly, but do not damage the compromised machine, instead displaying various text messages to the user. An infected file will have the ARCV-n virus appended to the end of it.

ARCV-n virus family
Aliases ARCV-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9, -10, -10B; ARCV.335, 339, 541, 562, 639, 651, 664, 670, 679, 693, 718, 745, 773, 795, 795.b, 826, 827, 839, 916, 916.b, 965, 986, 1060, 1072, 1172, 1208
Family ARCV-n
Classification Virus
Type DOS
Subtype COM and EXE infector.
Isolation 1992
Point of isolation Europe
Point of Origin England
Author(s) ARCV
ARCV-n family members
Member name String contained Trigger date Extra behavior/displayed text
Arcv.335 [ARCV-6] Apache *.com
Arcv.339 [ARCV-5] Apache Warrior, ARCV. Pres.
Arcv.541 [ARCV-7] Apache ARCV. *.exe
Arcv.562 [X-1] ICE-9 March 3 ICE-9 Presents

In Association with The ARcV [X-1] Michelangelo activates -< TOMORROW >-

Arcv.639 [ARCV93] ICE-9 January Happy New Year from the ARCV

Released 1 June 1992. Made in England by ICE-9

Arcv.651 [ARCV-3] Apache Warrior. February Yo.. I've Just Found a Virus.. Opps.. Sorry I'm the Virus.

Well let me introduce myself.. I am ARCV-3 Virus, by Apache Warrior. Long Live The ARCV and Whats an Hard ECU? Vote Yes to the Best Vote ARCV..

Arcv.664 [ARCV-4] Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. *.exe *.com May 9 So Who's the Best Then?

Oh Well Sorry But The ARCV Are The Best! Well Your in Favor with Us then.

Arcv.670 Made in ENGLAND. [ARCVXMAS] by ICE-9 Released June 1992. December 20 until 25 Happy Xmas from The ARCV.
Arcv.679 Naughty, Naughtyall ARCV Productions Ltd. [ARCV-8] *.exe
Arcv.693 [ARCV-2] Apache Warrior, ARCV. Pres. April Help.. Help.. I'm Sinking........
Arcv.718 [SOLOMoN] ICE-9 Hello Dr Sol.

& Fido. Lurve U lots ICE-9 (c) 1992 ARCV. P.S. Apache sez Hi(Dos)

Arcv.745 [ARCV-9] Apache Warrior. *.com
Arcv.773 [Slime] By Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres.

Sliming around your PC, I go make a sticky MESS over your Hard Drive!

Arcv.795 [SCROLL] ICE-9 ARcV \COMMAND.COM //scrolls up the screen
Arcv.795.b [X-2] ICE-9, -< ARCV >- Made in England.

Hi I'am called X-2, get my name right! Look out for the X-3 twins.

Arcv.826 [ARCV-1] Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. June 15 Long Live The ARCV. MUFC for the League!

(c) Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. 92 Welcome to the REAL World. And the ARCV 1 Virus!

Arcv.827 [ARCV-10] Apache Warrior. Well its finally here The -= ARCV =-

Welcome To our New Members..........

Arcv.839 [FRIENDS] i486X
Arcv.916 [JO] By Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. December 10 Looking Good Slimline Joanna.

Made in England by Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. Jo Ver. 1.11 (c) Apache Warrior 92. I Love You Joanna, Apache..

Arcv.916.b JO Exerciser Virus.[citation needed] Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. [JOEXE]
Arcv.965 [Joshua] Guess what ???

You have been victimized by a virus!!! Do not try to reboot your computer or even turn it off. You might as well read this and weep!

Arcv.986 [JO] By Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. This is Dedicated To the Girl I Love, Joanna Dicks.

Made in England by Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. Jo Ver. 1.01 (c) Apache Warrior 92. I Love You Joanna, Apache..

Arcv.1060 [X-3b] ICE-9 (c) 1992 ICE-9

Written Oct 1992 Look out 4 future Releases


[X-3a] & [X-3b] ARE ON YOUR PC. ICE-9

Arcv.1072 [ReaperMan] Apache Warrior
Arcv.1172 [Sandwich] By Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. Which ARCV Member Likes a

Sandwich? Cheese, Beef Spread, Cucumber and Crisp Corned Beef and Salad Cream Jaffa Cake and Hamster on Rye Is it A. Apache Warrior B. ICE-9 C. Slartibartfast Select a Letter: Well you know you're ARCV Members. Bad Luck.. Better Luck Next Time.

Arcv.1208 [SCYTHE] Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. December 12 This is the Scythe for Reaper Man.

Beware I'm Sharp! Made in England by Apache Warrior, ARCV Pres. Scythe Ver. 1.01 (c) Apache Warrior 92. Reaper Man Swung The SCYTHE and the PC Died!

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